Friday, January 18, 2019

January 14th - 18th

Science - Seeing which of our rock samples were affected by acid (i.e. vinegar) rain.  Also working on identify the types of rocks we found.

Math - Learning to multiply using the Lattice method.

 Flex Friday - The Challenge Box.  The kids were given nine choices of things to build.  Then in a 45 minute time slot, they had to plan and create their item.  Lots of creativity today!


Thursday, January 10, 2019

January 7th - 10th

Congratulations to Marissa for being our PBIS winner for the month.

 Working together to plan our Reader's Theater with our Month Poem.

Being scientist - seeing if any of our rocks contain calcite.  If they do, they would bubble with the vinegar.

Thanks to Ruth for bringing a Pinata back from Mexico for the class.  A great activity for Thursday afternoon.

Friday, December 21, 2018

The week before Christmas...

Christmas Around the World - Leaning about Kwanzaa and playing Mancala.

Math - Playing Multiplication Wrestling. (This is an introduction activity as we are getting reading for double digit multiplication after break.)

Science - Observing and recording data with our rock collections.

Celebrating the season with a Spanish flair!  Mrs. Beachy brought in a Pinata for the kids.

Science - Learning about Acid Rain (for us it is vinegar!) and the affects of Chemical Weathering.  The kids loved the goggles - they felt like real scientists!

Oh, Christmas Tree... The annual Christmas Caroling at MP West.

Christmas math - Christmas Tree Origami

Jolly entertainment during lunch on Friday.

Mrs. Yoder's class performing a Christmas Play - The Flea on Santa's Tree.

Our Christmas Party.  Many thanks to Crystal, Jessica and Lori for coming and organizing the events.  The kids decorated Cinnamon Ornaments, had some tasty treats, and played a Christmas Kahoot game.